How can we help you?

We can work with you to make positive, practical changes with and for people you support and within your organisation.

This is how we can help:

One-to-one support

Working with you to achieve what you need. This may be help to produce your own one-page profile, or personal support for you to develop your skills in applying person-centred practices to create change within your team or organisation.


We can support you to create person-centred change in your organisation, and work towards becoming a person-centred organisation. We can design a bespoke programme with you, starting with where you are now (for example using Progress for Providers) and co-designing what success would look like, and supporting you to achieve this.

Graphic recording

Creating a visual record of conversations, planning and events. Our images help people remember the conversations, feelings, information and actions from meetings, workshops, and conferences.


We know the power of person-centred practices because we use them in our own life and work. We each have our own specialist areas and can support your organisation to use person-centred practices to make a difference to people you support and to your colleagues. You could start with e-learning and we can support your managers to build on this learning with their team to ensure that it makes a difference.

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