Accredited Trainer Programme 2017

Would you like to be able to teach others how to use one-page profiles and facilitate person-centred reviews?

If so, our Accredited Trainer Programme could be ideal. You can use it to train people in the organisation you work, or externally as a freelance trainer or part of a consultancy team.

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Our Accredited Trainer Programme is so much more than a simple training course.

As well as equipping you with the skills you need to teach others, you will become part of an accredited community of trainers. You and everyone you train will also have ongoing support from Helen Sanderson Associates through a dedicated membership site. With this holistic approach, you will be able to both learn the theory and be supported over time as you put it into practice, learning from and sharing ideas with your peers and the people you train.



• Train and support people in one-page profiles

• Train, support and develop person-centred review facilitators

• Coach new facilitators to deliver their first reviews

• Develop a range of ways to support facilitators to review their practice – both individually and in a group




Through this programme, everyone that you then train as a facilitator also gets ongoing support from us. Everyone on your courses gets immediate access to a dedicated site for review facilitators, that has additional resources and discussion forums, and a monthly phone in with person-centred review leader Vicky Jones who answers questions live.

As your organisation’s expert in person-centred reviews, you will be able to train, support and help implement reviews that produce outcomes to change people’s lives.

This programme covers one-page profiles and person-centred reviews with both children and adults.

If you work with children or young people, we will show you how to use person-centred reviews to develop and review Education, Health and Care Plans in England or Individual Development Plans in Wales.

If you are using person-centred reviews with adults we will show you how person-centred reviews comply with the Care Act, and cover how they relate to Individual Service Funds in England or Option 2 in Scotland.



You will learn how to offer training to others in a range of flexible ways including:

• As a three-day course on one-page profiles and person-centred reviews

• As a two-day course with e-learning

• Through e-learning with individual co-facilitation and coaching



• Two-hour online sessions delivered every 2 weeks, with work in between, over a 6-8 month period

• A three-day face-to-face session (for UK participants). International participants can discuss this with us to negotiate sessions held by your nearest HSA team

• A resource pack worth over £100 (choose either the children or adults pack)

• A range of resources that we will tailor to your organisation; for example, preparation materials for individuals, families and professionals

• Films of reviews that you can use in your training (adults and children) that are only available to accredited trainers

• Full slide set and trainers handbook

• Person-centred reviews e-learning licence for you for a year (worth £49)

• Person-centred thinking tools e-learning licence for a year (worth £49)

• A free place at the next Person-Centred Reviews Gathering

The price includes your first year’s membership to a dedicated membership site for person-centred review trainers. Annual membership of this site is required to maintain your accreditation (£345 per year).



a. Training within your organisation only if you are planning to solely train within your organisation, then the course is available to you at the reduced rate of £1950 (excluding VAT).

b. Offering this training outside of your organisation or as a freelance trainer or part of a training or consultancy team. The cost is £2950 (excluding VAT).

If you have no experience in person-centred reviews, you will need to complete extra work before the course begins, at an additional cost of £250.



Places are very limited due to the intensive and individual nature of the course.

The closing date for applications this year is March 31st, and the programme will start in April. The exact day will be tailored to work with the group.

You can apply if you already have experience presenting to groups/training or teaching. Applicants are asked to complete an application form and have a short telephone conversation with programme lead Vicky Jones.

Please email Vicky for an application form:




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