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Giving you the skills, tools and knowledge for person-centred change.

We can work with you to make positive change for people you support and within your organisation. We help you develop your skills through practical tools that you can use immediately in your work. We deliver this in a way that suits you.

One-page profiles

Giving you the skills, tools and knowledge for person-centred change.

Person-centred thinking

Get the person-centred thinking tools and skills you need to support people as individuals.

Facilitate a Person-centred Review

Learn a better, inclusive and more effective way of conducting reviews that lead to person-centred outcomes

Personalised Care and Support Planning

Use person-centred thinking tools to help people plan their support.

Planning Live

A fresh approach to planning support, keeping people at the centre.

Just Enough Support

Learn how to deliver more personalised services under tighter budgets.

Positive and Productive Meetings

Get the most out of your meetings and your team with this approach.

Person-centred supervision

Improve your supervision sessions, relationships and communication.

Person-centred risk

Maximise opportunities by thinking differently about risk and support.

Person-centred teams

Work better together with a team plan, shared vision and support system.

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