Communication and decision making with people living with dementia: person-centred thinking tools to support autonomy and choice

Helping your organisation to be ready to deliver personalised support to people living with dementia in order to meet the expectations of the Social Care Act from April 2015.

Course in brief

  • Exploring the importance of good communication.
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities to support good decision making.
  • Understanding and supporting person-centred risk.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at organisations that want to start to use, or have already started to use, person-centred thinking tools and one-page profiles.
Staff and managers from provider organisations, supporting people living with dementia in community or residential services, will benefit from working alongside and in partnership with staff who provide direct support to make sure that person-centred principles are thoroughly undertaken across the organization.

What will it cover?

  • How to support people to be heard in all that they communicate.
  • Recognising actions and inaction, words and silence as different forms of communication.
  • How to support people to understand what we are saying to them.
  • Beginning to understand our role in relation to the MCA [2005] and the implications of DoLs [2009].
  • How person-centred approaches to risk can help to develop opportunity rich environments.
  • Creating opportunities for people to be involved as equals.
  • Using person-centred thinking tools to support and to evidence decision making.
  • Using the decision making profile and agreement.
  • Recording how someone communicates through using a communication chart.

How is it delivered?

As a one-day training course for up to 20 people.

Contact for further information.

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