Developing one-page profiles with people living with dementia: taking one-page profiles to action

"A well defined understanding of 'important to and for' and a 
regular review of 'what's working/not working' that actually guides action is a necessary condition for any form of service provision."

John O'Brien

Course in brief

  • Using person-centred thinking tools to develop one-page profiles with people living with dementia.
  • Exploring how one-page profiles enhance a person’s choice and control on a daily basis and provide an evidence base for this.
  • Exploring best practice in using one-page profiles to enhance well being for people living with dementia.

Who is this course for?

All levels of staff and managers from provider organisations, supporting people living with dementia in community or residential services, will benefit from working alongside and in partnership with staff who provide direct support to embed person-centred principles across the organisation.
For participants to benefit from this course, we suggest that they should have completed the course: Developing and using one-page profiles with staff or work within an organisation already using one-page profiles.

What will it cover?

  • The core person-centred thinking tools required to develop one-page profiles with people supported and their surrounding support network.
  • Good days and bad days: Acknowledging the part we play and making changes for people to live well.
  • Matching to maintain an identity, autonomy and personhood.
  • Relationship map.
  • Understanding the limitations of the information we hold as paid carers.
  • Understanding what it is to be part of a family by first exploring our own and what they mean to us.
  • Valuing and supporting families: offering knowledge, challenging misconceptions.
  • Recognising how we influence the actual experience of people we support.
  • Have the skills to ensure that the one-page profile grows to reflect what individuals are telling us is working and not working in their lives.
  • Mindfully record learning by using learning logs and 4 plus 1 questions.

How is it delivered?

As a one-day training course for up to 20 people.

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