Just Enough Support for people living with dementia

Helping your organisation to be ready to deliver personalised support to people living with dementia in order to meet the expectations of the Social Care Act from April 2015.

Course in brief

As the impact of the economic downturn and the dwindling public finances from the credit crunch hit public services in the UK, there is a growing pressure that all of us will experience a reduction of funding over the next few years and possibly longer.
There are two options. We can either wait for central, regional or local government to come up with solutions and be passive recipients of this, or we can be proactive and take this opportunity to make a concerted push around developing alternatives to just paid support – thereby promoting better outcomes for people and asserting control over our own destiny as funding reduces.

  • How do we develop alternatives to just paid support for people?
  • How do we continue to develop individually designed services at a time of reduced budgets?
  • What hasn’t worked, why not and how can we try it differently?

This course offers a highly practical, step by step approach to generating ideas, testing and implementing them. The aim is to proactively develop alternatives to paid support, promoting better outcomes for people.

Who is it for?

Providers, commissioners and all people trying to create individually designed services in the current financial context. The workshops are at their most productive when there is a cross-section from an organisation; that is, support workers alongside their leaders and senior managers. This, together with the commissioning team, creates a real sense of partnerships working.

What will the course cover?

  • Understanding our role in supporting and maintaining connections.
  • Beginning to understand what we mean by community by first exploring our own sense of community.
  • Looking in depth at a person’s day/night and working out where support comes from.
  • Using assistive technology options creatively to support people.
  • Who is the person and what do we notice about what they bring and what they can contribute?
  • What relationships does the person have that can be nurtured, developed and can be reciprocal?
  • How do we move from what currently is to what could be and test out the impact of ideas on the person and the service?
  • How do we find a balance of what is important to people whilst providing just enough support?
  • Images of possibility.
  • Action planning next steps.

Contact info@helensandersonassociates.co.uk for further information.

For more information regarding delivery and costs of this course internationally, please send an email to one of the following addresses:

In the USA: amandag@helensandersonassociates.com

In Canada: juliem@hsacanada.ca

In Australia: info@helensandersonassociates.com.au

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