Listening Well to people living with dementia and those who love and care most for them though person-centred review meetings

Helping your organisation to be ready to deliver personalised support to people living with dementia in order to meet the expectations of the Social Care Act from April 2015.

Course in brief

There are ways of facilitating reviews that put the person at the centre of the process, and which draw on person-centred thinking tools and approaches to do this. The process often does not take any more time or preparation, but will develop a clear and focussed person-centred action plan with the person.

Who is this course for?

Care managers, reviewing officers, social workers, health professionals and many other key people who are required to facilitate or attend reviews as part of their role.
This course is aimed at organisations that have already implemented person-centred thinking tools and are using one-page profiles in their practice.
Staff and managers from provider organisations, supporting people living with dementia in community or residential services, will benefit from working alongside and in partnership with staff who provide direct support to embed person-centred principles across the organisation.

For participants to benefit from this course, we suggest that they should have completed the course: Developing and using one-page profiles with staff or work within an organisation already using one-page profiles.

Although not essential, participants may gain more from this course if they have already completed the course: Decision making with people living with dementia: person-centred thinking tools to support autonomy and choice.

What will the course cover?

  • Structured exercises to enable participants to understand the headings and the process used in person-centred reviews.
  • Practice of facilitation skills and facilitating a person-centred review.
  • Practice in developing clear person-centred action plans and an understanding of how to use information gathered at a review to enable the development of a one-page profile.

You may be interested in the Working Together For Change Programme, where we consider what we hear from each individual through his or her review, in order to inform strategic change.

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