One-page profiles

In brief…

Getting the skills to use the core person-centred thinking tools needed to develop a one-page profile, and starting to use them straight away.

What is a one-page profile?

It’s a single page of writing that captures the important information about a person; including what is important to them, what people appreciate about them, and how they want to be supported.

Who is this for?

We think that everyone benefits from having a one-page profile – whether you provide direct support or you are a manager, professional, parent or carer. We offer you a way to both develop your own one-page profile and learn how to develop them with others. It is ideal if you need an overview of one-page profiles because you are thinking about personalisation more generally.

What will you learn on a one-day course?

  • How to separate what is important to someone from what is important for them and how they want to be supported.
  • How to capture what people appreciate about the person.
  • How to record this information in a one-page profile.
  • How to discover what is working and not working in a situation from different perspectives leading to action plans that make a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Different ways of developing one-page profiles for example one-page profile meetings and using FINK cards.
  • The many different ways of recording one-page profiles.
  • The range of benefits of using one-page profiles with colleagues; for example as part of person-centred team plans.
  • How using person-centred thinking and one-page profiles can help to deliver personalised services.

How could this help you?

  • You want to learn and record how a person wants to live and be supported.
  • You want to ensure that the plans that people have will be used and acted on, that the lives of people who use services will improve based on them telling us what is working and not working in their lives.
  • You want a number of ways to get plans started – whether these are support plans or care plans.
  • You want to get a good match between the person supporting and the person being supported.
  • You want people to have competency in using the core person-centred thinking tools required to develop one-page profiles with people they support or colleagues.

  How can we deliver this?

  • As a one-day face-to-face course, that you buy in for your organisation. We can train up to 20 people at a time.
  • An individual session just to develop your one-page profile.
  • As a one-to–one session where you are supported to develop your one-page profile either over Skype or over the phone.
  • As a workshop to support colleagues to develop their one-page profiles.
  • As two three-hour sessions for two groups of up to 15 people to help them develop their one-page profiles.
  • Training you to run a three hour workshop.
  • Training you to deliver these three hour sessions.
  • As a workshop to enable people you support to start their one-page profiles.
  • Facilitating one-page profile sessions with people who use your service.
  • Training you to facilitate one-page profile meetings with people you support.
  • Training you to run one-page profile meetings with people who use your service to develop their one-page profiles.

Get in touch with Michelle and we’ll find the best way to help you.

Mandy - In Support Services

“[We benefited from] breaking down the steps of writing a one-page profile, end[ing] with an action plan that gives us a way forward. It was also very good team building”

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