Programmes to create person-centred change

We tailor programmes for our customers. We’ll talk to you about what success looks like and what help you need to get to where you want to be.

Transforming Teams in health and social care

This programme assists you to identify the changes that you want to make for the people you support, or your patients and your team. We then help you to achieve this. To learn more about how we can help, please contact Michelle.

Transforming Hospitals

We can support you to create a new patient experience and ensure that health colleagues feel supported and motivated through person-centred practices. Contact Jo if you want to learn more.

Transforming Hospices

We can support you to deliver a different end of life experience and improve the way your colleagues work together. To learn more, contact Michelle.

Working Together For Change

A creative two-day process using co-production principles that takes person-centred information from people’s plans and person-centred reviews to create organisational and strategic change. It bases change on the real experiences of people using services. Charlotte can talk you through how we can help deliver a WTFC programme to meet your needs.

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