TOGETHER for personalised care and support

We are Helen Sanderson Associates and Petrea Fagan Partnerships, working together with people with lived experience to deliver personalised care and support planning.

Our team has extensive experience supporting the change in conversation between people and practitioners, through co-production, workforce and system redesign.

At an individual level, this enables successful self-management, robust shared decision-making and effective use of health and/or social care personal budgets. We take an asset-based, outcome-focused approach. We know that connecting people to their communities is key to better health and wellbeing. We have experience developing multidisciplinary workforce skills, confidence and capability, achieving shifts in culture, attitudes and beliefs.

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What can we offer you?

We will co-design a programme of support to deliver the change you want to achieve. After an initial phone conversation, we will arrange a design day with you, where you bring together key people and we co-design your programme for change.
This could include, for example, blended learning, pathway redesign, or co-production support. We co-deliver our training programmes with people with lived experience, and seek to train colleagues from health, social care and the third sector together, sharing their learning wherever possible. This can include work around outcomes and quality improvement, communication and building capacity. Here are some examples of components that can be combined together in a programme of support:

Skills training for workforces...

…including clinical communication skills, key enablers of collaborative agenda setting, SMART action planning, person-centred practices, goal setting and follow-up, exploring ambivalence and understanding activation. We also use elements of motivational interviewing using a coaching approach. Our aim is to develop workforces who are committed to and skilled in self-management support, enabling and building confidence and resilience. All colleagues need to be confident and competent at co-production at every level. This can include face-to-face training, e-learning, on-site coaching and webinars.

Communication for change and co-design...

We can work with you to deliver a communication strategy to ensure that everyone knows what personalised care and support planning is, and what it means for your role. An example is the work we did with people with long term conditions from the co-production groups from the Coalition of Collaborative Care and TLAP to develop 10 statements about ‘what good looks like’ for personalised care and support planning. We can create graphic posters and other approaches like animates to help share information. One example is creating a graphic process as a poster, as well as a short animate to describe this to people. Here is an example.

Building capacity, training trainers and co-developing an e-learning resource...

…to be able to provide training to colleagues at scale.

Large group events...

…on Personalised Care and Support Planning for a range of stakeholders, with practical workshops. We are designing and delivering these with the Coalition for Collaborative Care at the moment. This involves a design day, developing a detailed plan for the day from this and facilitating the event.
Here is an example for 5 CCGs in Cheshire.

Developing detailed pathways...

As well as supporting you to build your competence and capacity around personalised care and support planning, we can also work with you to develop detailed pathways. We are currently working with TLAP, the Coalition for Collaborative Care and the Department of Health to develop pathways around priority groups of people. We can also support you to deliver this locally.

What's next?

If you are interested in talking to us about this, please contact Helen Sanderson or Michelle Livesley on 0161 442 8271 or email Helen@

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