Community Circles

Community Circles work across the UK to facilitate circles of support. The purpose of a Community Circle is to support people to improve their lives in a way that is important to them.

Every circle starts with a person and a purpose. The person’s purpose may be to meet new people, deal with a particular problem, follow a dream or ambition, or get some help or support. Community Circles identify people in that person’s life who can help and are happy to do so, and then support the person to structure this help through conversations and actions, supported by a facilitator.


How do Community Circles work?

A Community Circles facilitator helps the friends and family’s conversation to move to action, using person-centred practices. Circles are a way for us to support each other in our local community, and the dream is for circles to be available for anyone who wants one, in any setting across the world.

This video explains how Community Circles work in more detail:

As an organisation, Community Circles have ambitious plans in place to have a Community Connector in every region of the UK. They can currently support people to develop circles in Blackburn, West Lancashire, East London, Buckinghamshire and Flintshire.


Community Circles are also in the early stages of exploring the possibility of developing circles internationally, and you can keep up-to-date with their progress by following their blog.


How does the HSA Foundation support Community Circles?

The thinking behind Community Circles began in 2012 at a conference organised by their co-founder Max Neill, where he and Helen Sanderson brought people together to answer the question, “how can we create circles of support at scale?”.


A small pilot was developed and over the course of a year, the concept of Community Circles began to grow, with the support of HSA Foundation. The Foundation provided funding to hire an intern to work on the development of Community Circles for a year, as well as to hire two part-time development workers, which allowed the scope of the pilot to develop from 6 people to 20.

In 2014, the Foundation supported Community Circles to hire a development manager and to register as an independent charity with the UK charity commission. The HSA Foundation is very excited to continue supporting the development of Community Circles as an organisation.


You can find out more about Community Circles by:

Visiting their website:

Following their blog:

Liking their Facebook page: Community Circles

Following them on Twitter: @C_Circles

Giving them a call: 0161 442 8271


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