The Institute for Person-Centred Approaches in India (IPCAI)

Founded in 2010, The Institute for Person Centred Practices in India partner with individuals, families and institutions to support people with special health and social care needs to live a great life.

They work in a person-centred way, empowering community members to take control of their own lives to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families. IPCAI’s vision is to create a vibrant, healthy, compassionate and inclusive India, where they can achieve social justice for all citizens.


How IPCAI work


IPCAI shares knowledge and skills of person centred approaches in India by delivering workshops, training and seminars to a variety of individuals across the state of Kerala. They promote positive images of disabled people and develop an understanding of how best to support people to improve the quality of their lives. Specifically they focus on supporting people with learning disabilities across Kerala by adopting a person-centred approach to support them and their families to improve their lives.

IPCAI work together with a variety of community groups for a common purpose. The rapid increase in poverty, inequality, malnutrition, infant mortality, drug abuse, alcoholism, stress related issues, mental disorders, social and moral degeneration among people in India means that it is vital that they work together with people across society to achieve positive, personalised change. They work with health care professionals, not-for-profit organisations, government officials, teachers and educational institutions.

In this short video, Mathew Kanamala, Director of IPCAI, talks about what they do:


How does the HSA Foundation support IPCAI?

Over the past two years, HSA Foundation has supported IPCAI to introduce and promote the use of person-centred practices across the state of Kerala, with a view to increasing the outreach of IPCAI’s work over the next five years into other states in India. The Foundation provides financial support, shares knowledge by donating staff time from Helen Sanderson Associates, and has worked with IPCAI to fund and develop their website.

As a result of this partnership, IPCAI has grown significantly as an organisation and has been able to deliver projects in collaboration with other institutions across Kerala.

Our focal project with IPCAI has been delivered in collaboration with Dimensions, through which we co-authored the first person-centred e-learning platform in India. Within the first six months of this project being launched, IPCAI have recruited 40 learners from a variety of backgrounds and professions to complete the course. This has resulted in the spread of person-centred practices across Kerala, and we are starting to see some wonderful person-centred outcomes as a result.


In addition to our pioneering e-learning platform, we have also implemented an international buddy project in collaboration with IPCAI and Dimensions. Within this project, we have matched 20 members of staff from Dimensions, with 20 life members from IPCAI. The buddies work together to share practice, ideas and experiences in order to improve services for people in both countries. The project helps to spread stories of best practice in person-centred approaches internationally and allows individuals to share their experiences and problem solve as part of an international relationship.


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