Think About Your Life

Think About Your Life is an online platform designed to support people all over the world to take a step back and think about their life. The platform provides people with a set of practical thinking tools that help people if their life feels unbalanced, crisis-ridden, or out of control.

Many people have used the tools to take charge of their lives at a time of illness or major change. The tools provided on the website are free, safe and easy to use. The tools can be used in two ways. Some people choose to follow one of our journeys, in which they’ve mapped out the thinking tools other people have found useful, for example in living with cancer, or thinking about the end of their life. Others prefer to pick individual thinking tools that suit the situation they are in right now.


How Think About Your Life works



The team behind Think About Your Life work with individuals, communities and organisations who want to find better ways of working and living. They place people – not processes, theories or systems – at the centre of the work that they do. The thinking tools on the Think About Your Life website draw on years of experience of working with people at times of major change or challenge in their life.

Think About Your Life started with four women who went on their own cancer journeys: Amanda George and Amanda Peterson in the USA, and Helen Sanderson and Eleanor Attrill in the UK. The team offer workshops and support to help people use the thinking tools that are included on the website. The tools can be accessed by people all over the world, but in the US the team also offer individual consultations to people who want to learn more about the approach.

In this video, Helen and Amanda talk about their hopes for Think About Your Life and how it can support people living with cancer:


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