Accredited Trainers in Person-centred Reviews

This is the international list of accredited person-centred reviews trainers.

Our team in The UK & Europe

Our team in Canada

Julie Malette

Lead of HSA Canada

Tammy Ouellette

HSA Canada Associate

Barb Swartz-Biscaro

HSA Canada Associate

Our team in the USA

Amanda George

HSA USA Associate

Mary Beth Lepkowsky

Lead of HSA USA - California

Meredith Catalini

HSA USA Associate - Hawaii

Aniko Adany

HSA USA Associate - Oregon

Lori Jasper

HSA USA Associate - Minnesota

Lisa Meyer

HSA USA Associate - North Carolina

Jamie Markey

HSA USA Associate - California

Kelsey Stavseth

HSA USA Associate - Vermont

Our team in Australia

Deb Watson

HSA Australia Lead Associate

Amanda Jones

HSA Australia Associate

Tara Cantwell

HSA Australia Associate

Our team in New Zealand

Jan Perkins

Lead of HSA New Zealand

Marie Calderbank

HSA New Zealand Associate

Carol Sebborn

HSA New Zealand Associate