Carol Taylor from Bebington High Sports College shares experiences of developing one-page profiles with all of Year 7

10 December 2015

This week we have been planning our next steps in developing one-page profiles with all of our pupils and I thought that it would be a good time for me to share with you where we are up to with our continued efforts to improve the personalised learning of our students.


As a school we achieved great success last term with our Year 7 students all completing their individual one -page profiles.  This was a really worthwhile and enjoyable experience, which at times was quite frustrating too, but it was all worth it at the Celebration Evening in July. So how did we go about it?

Due to the success of the individual one-page profiles we have been developing with some pupils for a number of years, we decided that in order to further enhance the personal learning and support of our pupils, we would run a project that involved starting with our current Year 7’s. We would engage the form tutors in this and use registration time to deliver some fun and engaging sessions with the pupils as a whole class.

During the Year 7’s transition from Primary to Secondary, all of our students and parents/carers are asked to complete a number of forms necessary for our records.  One of these forms provides information which can be used to help develop their child’s one- page profile. With this information collected, together with some of the resources that had already been used during our work with individual students on developing their one- page profile’s, we developed a scheme of work with activities and booklets.

Before we could start it was necessary to give the staff some training as some of them had no idea about the way a one- page profile is developed.  This was one of the frustrating things about the process as it was difficult to find time to do this, to get all the staff together in one place was a challenge.  With this in mind, it was decided that we should target half the year group at a time and so focus on half before the Christmas term ended and the other half in the New Year.

We delivered the training over several twilight sessions and took our staff through the process of the lessons/activities. Some of the staff engaged fully and were very keen to get started as they felt that it would enable them to get to know their students better. Others were more apprehensive and queried how this was going to be used in a productive way and to benefit the students and staff alike.

During the sessions it was agreed that the staff would keep a record of any enjoyable experiences, comments made by the students, photographs of the students completing activities and any ideas for improvement.  We managed to persuade a few of the students to go around to the groups and take a video of what the pupils felt about the process and how each group was approaching the activities, to show at our Celebration evening.  This was a lovely record of the fun and enjoyment that they had during the weeks.  One of the form teachers told me that she had learned so much about her students in such a short time, personal details that would not have come to light as quickly without undergoing this exercise.

Our Celebration evening took place early in July, just before the end of the year.  We invited all Year 7 students and their Parents/carers, the teaching staff involved in the student’s journey creating their one- page profile. The evening took place in the school hall, which we decorated with materials used during the sessions.  Refreshments were served, tea/coffee and scones!  One of the activities that the pupils completed during their sessions were personal shields.  These shields asked four questions, one of which asked about their favourite music.  As the parents/carers arrived into the hall we played some of this music which the pupil’s particular found great fun.  One of our students stood up and talked about the project and how it had helped him through some difficult times at the start of the year.  The evening was a great success; one Grandfather came up at the end and told us how delighted he was that we had undertaken this project.  He said that he had been on a working party for the government many years ago which had discussed these ideas and he had been one of the advocates for personal profiles.  How lovely for him to be there to see how much success we were having with them.

We could not have achieved any of this without the continued support from Beth Sheldrake and Gill Goodwin.  They have been with us all the way through the project, guiding and advising us.  When we have hit hurdles, time restraints etc., they have been able to suggest way around to continue.  Above all they have kept us aware of how well our pupils have responded so far to the scheme and how much further we can take them with the success still due to come.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, advice and friendship, we all look forward to the next exciting part of our journey to improve Bebington High Sports College’s personalised learning for all students.













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