Carol Taylor talks about their work with pupils in Year 8 and pupils who have Additional Needs

08 March 2016

In this blog, Carol Taylor talks about their work with pupils in Year 8 and pupils who have Additional Needs.

We have been working hard to personalise the Education of our students here at Bebington High Sports College over the last four years, I thought it was a good time to share with you how the One Page Profiles and One Page Profile Plus’ have supported the learning of our students in Year 8 as well as all our students with Additional Needs.

Here at Bebington High Sport College we are an 11-18 mainstream specialist sports college in the North West of England.  Our numbers of students with Special Educational Needs are above that which can be found nationally and our school has a designated resource provision for students with moderate learning needs and also provides Student Support for students with other needs that require an additional care with their day to day school life.

We are very proud and excited about the completion of One Page Profiles for one whole year group, but have also worked with approximately forty students to help them produce their own One Page Profile.  Our students who have Educational Health Care Plans are closely working with us to produce and review their own One Page Profiles.

So, how have the profiles impacted on the lives of our student’s with additional needs?  Well, the answer is in many various ways, all of which have been a positive experience for both them and us.  Some of the student’s may need only simple changes to their day to have a massive impact on their lives in school.  For instance; often the general hustle and bustle found in a secondary corridor or classroom, can cause many of our students a great deal of anxiety.  These issues are especially highlighted during change of lesson or break times.  The One Page Profile has enabled the students to inform staff how it makes them feel by including it in their support section.  This has resulted in them being aware of the need to perhaps leave class a few minutes earlier than their peers to avoid busy corridors etc., with the help of a ‘time-out’ card.  This was a very small strategy but one that has improved and helped the emotional well-being of these students.  We have in the past experienced students refusing to come to school; having panic attacks over these issues; which have now almost been completely ruled out through understanding and care of thought and communication in this way.  The One Page Profile has also helped our Teachers to manage the noise levels within their classrooms by being aware of the students that are affected by it, giving them vital information when looking at seating plans.

We also looked at other issues around student behaviour in the classroom.   We struggled with the correct wording to use when we first started to help develop the profiles with students presenting difficult behaviour.  This is because our Staff are already fully aware of those students who may disrupt their lessons and have already formed opinions about the way to deal with these pupils.  We wanted to move them away from this.  By giving the student’s a voice, we found it gave them an ownership of their own behaviour.   It was important to both us and the pupils to make the support section personal to them, not categorising behaviour as a general thing; equally not trying to patronise the staff either, as if we would!!!  Each student needed specific help with their own needs and the suggestion of how to support certain students in class and around school on their One Page Profile was dealt with holistically and supportively.  This has resulted in making huge improvements in attendance and attainment for those involved.  In feedback from the staff, it has been undoubtedly beneficial in the management of behaviour within their classrooms, and when looking at seating plans and the forming of groups both academically and socially.  Result !!!!   EHCP’s are now using the One Page Profiles as part of the review each year to look at the ‘Important to and for’ and the future aspirations of our students.

It’s going to be a busy couple of terms coming up, but as always inspiring times too.  I will report again soon as our new Year 7’s are about to embark on a group activity to produce their OPP’s in a day!  Marvellous.

Gill Goodwin, Associate

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