The change we want to see in Adult Social Care in 2017

08 January 2017 | By Amanda George

Post by Michelle Livesley


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fab break and are feeling refreshed. I had a wonderful time with the family, and a few days of relaxation was just what I needed to get me excited for the year ahead.

Reasons to be happy

Originally I wanted to write about what’s coming up in 2017, but it feels right to appreciate what we’ve achieved in the last year too.

I think one of my most fulfilling experiences was working with older people with respiratory problems as part of the Integrated Personal Commissioning programme. We used Planning Live to support them to have more choice and control over their lives. Planning Live is one of my favourite ways of working because it brings so much energy and excitement to the table! We had some brilliant outcomes and it just reinforced the fact that we have potential to explore this area more.

An area that was new to me was developing our blended learning offers and e-learning. It’s exciting to see where technology can take us, and feels really worthwhile to be exploring how we can spread person-centred practices whilst keeping training costs affordable, especially at a time where budgets are tight. We’ve created courses on everything from care and support planning to person-centred risk, and more will be coming up in 2017.

My final personal highlight was when Emily and I took person-centred approaches to Spain. It was a fantastic experience, and it’s always exciting to know that our reach is expanding. As I’m planning to learn how to play golf this year too, maybe I can combine work and play on our next visit!

The change I want to see

In Adult Social Care, we will be continuing to offer lots of different ways to spread person-centred practices and to give people real choice and control over their care and support. But there are a couple of things I have in mind that I particularly want to contribute to changing this year.

Delivering personalised homecare: 2016 saw the emergence of some shocking facts about homecare services.

For example, there are more homecare workers in the UK than doctors, GPs and nursing staff – but only 2% of people living with dementia said that homecare workers had enough dementia training. Then we heard about some homecare staff receiving under half of the minimum wage, and others choosing to leave the profession because of unrealistic pressure.

Homecare is too important not to get right. In 2016 we working on our personalising homecare process, which we saw delivered better outcomes without impacting on resources.

Helen has also been building on this with her Wellbeing Teams model, building Community Circles into the heart of services to keep people connected to those around them.



This year I’ll also be launching new training to equip managers to be able to facilitate Planning Live and Just Enough Support – both of which can be used to great effect in a homecare setting.

By designing new ways of working, using person-centred tools and moving from ‘time and task’ to a focus on outcomes, we can make change happen. I’ll be blogging lots about homecare this year, but please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Implementing Individual Service Funds: I’ve seen the difference that ISFs can make to people’s quality of life. In many ways, they are the ‘best of both’ – they provide choice and control without the burden of having to manage funds or paperwork. The biggest problem we have at the moment is that there simply aren’t enough providers offering ISF services.

I would love to see this change in 2017, so my second key area of focus is around implementing ISFs at scale. I’m going to be offering training around how to make them work well for people, and hope to see a real increase in the number of providers offering them throughout the year.


If you’re looking to make change in Adult Social Care in 2017, it’d be great to hear what you’ve got planned. Tweet me @MichelleHSA, email me on or leave a comment below. It’d be great to connect with you!

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