How to embed person-centred thinking in a busy school or college

06 April 2017 | By Amanda George

If you work in a school or college, you'll know just how hard it can be to carve out the time for valuable training. That's why we've created 'Team15' - materials to help you and your team learn about person-centred practices for children and young people within 15-minute, bitesize sessions.

Many local authorities – particularly specialist services, such as Educational Psychology services, specialist teachers, and SENCo’s – are finding Team 15 to be a useful learning tool. Here, Helen talks a little about why we developed it:

You can use Team 15 alongside our e-learning and support around implementation to be able to embed person-centred thinking tools, and to help move schools, colleges and nurseries further on to becoming person-centred organisations. Person-centred ways of working can have real impacts on the wellbeing and learning outcomes for children and young people. Here’s a film about the effect person-centred reviews can have in these environments:


We are finding that the bitesize format helps staff to see learn the tools at a pace that suits each school, and to learn and think together about how this can be embedded into the curriculum, how they are used throughout the academic year, and to reflect on the learning and benefits they see.

If you’d like to learn more about Team 15 for people who work with children and young people, please email me at

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