Erin’s story

25 February 2015

I have this beautiful story from Maggie's school today that I can't share on my personal wall because too many of Maggie's classmates could see it.

Maggie’s friends have apparently been asking what she will dress up as for Halloween. Between recent major travel and some nasty viruses, I honestly haven’t given it a moment’s thought. Maggie is a really tough kid to trick-or-treat with. She doesn’t eat candy and has no interest in it. But she LOVES seeing the inside of people’s houses…by the 3rd house on Halloween night, you can imagine the scene as Maggie realizes this is the day we torture her by approaching houses, letting people open their doors, and then cruelly shutting their doors without letting her in. The trick is always on Maggie on Halloween.

So I asked the school team to ask the students for suggestions about Maggie’s best Halloween. I was out of ideas and didn’t want to just hide in the back of our house like we did last year.

The kids had awesome suggestions. They all knew exactly which houses in our neighbourhood set up haunted scenes in their yards or garages for kids to walk through; they felt Maggie would love these. They felt she would love Fort Fright, when our local British-colonial-era fort is transformed into an axe-wielding zombie fright show.

But the BEST idea is this one: we should set up a haunted house in our kitchen so that Maggie can stay home and invite all her friends to come in and she can get video of them freaking out when they put their hands in slimy Halloween gore.

They nailed it. That’s exactly what we should do. Not sure what I can pull off on such short notice but they know her so well!

The funniest part is that the word has already spread that we’re going to have a haunted house tomorrow night and Maggie will be making video.

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