Facilitating my first Person Centred Review…

26 February 2015

Facilitating my first Person Centred Review…

Well, I’ve actually done it! I have led my first Person Centred Review with Ross, observed by Jon (our mentor) for Charlie. This was Charlie’s second Person Centred Review; you can read all about his first one in Jane’s blog below, written in June 2011.

And what a different experience I found it from a typical annual review.  Charlie was right at the centre of the process, right from the beginning. He brailed his own invitations, chose his snacks, drinks and music for the meeting.  He took his CCTV equipment to the meeting, a large plastic spider (!), and the room was set up specifically for him, including important details such as using his preferred black pens on the writing boards.

I spoke to Charlie about the review meeting a few days before it. He was feeling a little bit nervous that people at the meeting would not know ‘things they liked about him’ to share.  We talked a bit about this and he decided that he would like to bring a friend with him to the meeting, which he did.

At the meeting, Charlie was certainly at the centre! There were loads of things shared that everyone ‘like and admire’ about Charlie, which I was able to emphasise for him. During mingling time, Charlie put up his photographs to share his views, as others wrote on the boards and then he handed round biscuits. Lots of things were reported to be ‘working well’ but Charlie shared two things that were not working for him – French and some practical difficulties using his storage drawers.

Alongside setting targets for areas such as secondary transition, we were also able to target these areas for Charlie; the ICT specialist teacher agreed to find good software for Charlie to support him with French and his teacher and teaching assistant agreed to help Charlie devise a better system for using his storage drawers.

At the end of the meeting, Charlie’s dad did an impression of Shaggy and Scooby Doo and Charlie did an impression of the Meercats (from the well-known advertisement!), to rousing applause; they were great!

As Charlie returned to the classroom, his teacher heard him say to his friend,

‘That was the best meeting ever… don’t you wish you were still in there?’

Doesn’t that just say it all?

Next time… An update on one page profiles and Oxley Park Academy’s involvement in the ‘One-Page Profiles’ film

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