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15 December 2015

Being filmed can be a scary experience. No matter whether you’re a top business person or a celebrity, most people feel a flutter of nerves when the camera rolls and “action!” is called. But recently I’ve worked with people we support at Community Integrated Care on two video projects that have inspired people and helped improve our support. The most consistent feedback we’ve had from is that the people we support seem confident, assured and engaging on camera. I can let you in on one of the ingredients of our success…using One-Page Profiles.

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Okay, but before I tell you how we use One-Page Profiles to make it happen, I want to tell you about these projects and share with you the latest example of their work.

Community Integrated Care employs a team of Peer Reviewers in every region that we work in. They are people we support who are also our employees too, with the important role of assessing the quality of life that people lead in our services. They’re champions of true personalisation – ensuring that our services meet the Quality of Life Standards (developed by the brilliant Changing our Lives) and utilise the person-centred thinking tools we’re introducing in partnership with Helen Sanderson Associates. They’re real change-makers, and I’m proud to call them my colleagues.

Earlier this year, I worked with them on an impactful video, looking at what true personalisation means. They described how it feels to receive support, what its like to be held back by a traditional service, and how amazing it can be to have truly personalised support delivered by ambitious people who know you well. The video was shared with every colleague in our charity, and in a recent survey of staff was consistently described as one our our most impactful communications. We’re sharing clips from this on our YouTube channel, so see it for yourself by subscribing at:

We’ve just followed this up with a Christmas Message, which the team planned and developed with my support. In this, they share the amazing journey that they have been on (for instance, in one year Heidi, a Reviewer from Leicester, has gone from 24 hour support to living independently in her own flat) and the impact personalised support makes. They also have an important message for people working in social care – thanking them for their dedicated efforts, and in particular for working at Christmas so the people they support can enjoy a great Christmas too. It’s inspiring stuff – you can watch and share it at

So how have One-Page Profiles helped us produce these videos? Well, basically, they’ve helped make the different contributors – me, the Reviewers, our camera crew, and the people who assisted us – become a team. They’ve created a familiarity and sense of connection amongst us, in what could otherwise be a daunting new experience.

Our charity has committed to enabling every person we support and colleague to use One-Page Profiles (and other great person-centred thinking tools) in their every day lives. For me, it’s also important that our key suppliers can benefit from them too – so I’ve also supported our production company to utilise them. This has meant that on our video projects, we’ve all been on the ‘same page’!

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By knowing how people want to be supported, we’ve been able to plan the right approach to filming for them. The Reviewer’s Profiles helped me know the people who would want assurance, guidance and breaks in filming, and who would like to work more independently. It’s not just the people we support who need assistance too – they enabled my colleagues to know the ways I need their backing to deliver my best work and helped ensure that we were working in a way that suited our camera crew too. So often suppliers, naturally, don’t want to ask for support from their client and often this compromises the end product – One-Page Profiles helped us avoid this and gave us all an equal footing as team members.

By knowing what is important to each other and what people like and admire about our team members, we uncovered key details. We got a sense of the person we wanted to represent on camera and some of the key achievements that we wanted the viewer to know about. But more so, it just inspired great conversations. One of our Reviewers was nervous about our first filming project, but her and our camera person’s Profiles both listed a love of rollercoasters – within minutes of meeting they were in passionate discussion about the best theme parks and suddenly the nerves were forgotten!

The Peer Reviewers come across in the video as confident, assured and engaging on camera because they were. One-Page Profiles helped ensure that they weren’t taking on a scary experience on their own, but working as part of a real team. We captured the whole person on film, because we got to know the whole person. They look comfortable on screen, because we worked in a way that suited them best. Our One-Page Profiles gave us a strong foundation for successful projects.

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If you’re working on a new project or taking on a new challenge, why not think about how you can use this simple but brilliant tool? I’ll leave the last word to our filming company, Jack-All Productions:

John Hughes, Community Integrated Care

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