What does good look like in care and support planning?

19 February 2015 | By Helen Sanderson

It is crucial that a councils care and support planning is compliant with the Care Act, but that is not enough

In developing and writing the new Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) guide to care and support planning (see our new graphic of ‘what good looks like’), we wanted to go further than compliance and costs and also look at whether care and support planning is happening in the way that people want. We need to both be compliant, and be moving towards what people want and expect from care and support planning – what good looks like from the perspective of the person. In the guide are 10 powerful statements that set the standard for what people want.



“Really? I can have this? This is possible?” was the response from one carer when she read them. Yes. In future blogs I will focus on how, but in this one I want to explain how these statements were developed. Several years ago, in the days of Putting People First, Helen Bown and I worked with older people and people who use mental health services to determine what best practice looked like from their perspective. Their answers, and the resulting report gave clear messages about what needed to happen to ensure support planning was led by the person. To read the report, click here.


We brought together members of the TLAP National Co-production Advisory Group and the emerging equivalent at the Coalition for Collaborative Care to develop a set of statements that reflect how care and support planning has to keep the person at the centre of decision making, and be done in a way that maximises people’s choice and control over their lives and services. We did this though sharing stories with each other of people’s best experiences of planning, and distilling the key elements of that into the set of ten statements. I think they are appropriately ambitious and challenging, and set an agenda for what coproduction at the individual level looks like.



‘I recently attended the event facilitated by Helen Sanderson regarding Care & Support planning. The session gave me a opportunity to provide my unique perspective through lived experience, share and explore innovative ideas and ultimately to coproduce how are I, and the group as a whole could make positive changes to how carer and support planning are delivered’

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