A growing momentum in Canada!

26 February 2015

A growing momentum in Canada!

Over the last few years, Canada has grown from a handful of Person-Centred Thinking Trainers to 50 or so trainers in three provinces!  It is fabulous to see a growing interest in person-centred thinking and person-centred practices in Canada and a determination to personalize services.  To support Person-Centred Thinking Trainers in their efforts, various activities took place in British Columbia (BC) and Ontario Canada in 2013.

In January 2013, BC Trainers met with Paul Wheeler (former TLCPCP Board Member and Mentor Trainer) and held their first BC Trainer day.  The group met again in March to review the new curriculum and to plan a session with Michael Smull in May to think about building a BC Learning Community.

The event in May brought together Person-Centred Thinking Trainers as well as various agencies such as Inclusion BC (advocacy group) and Community Living British Columbia (Funding agency).  The focus of the day was System Change and the launch of the British Columbia Learning Community. The day’s agenda included spending time looking at the purpose and benefits of building a Learning Community, creating a vision, mission and core values, exploring hopes and fears as well as next steps.

In Ontario, Helen Sanderson Associates (HSA) Canada hosted a Learning Community Gathering in the Niagara Region.  The gathering included an evening session with 18 trainers and two full days with 130 participants, which included trainers, parents, self-advocates and providers. Participants had great feedback about the presentations, breakout sessions, the Learning Marketplace and of course the candy buffet afternoon break!  It was great to have participants join us from the United States as well as Helen Sanderson who provided great presentations about best practice in the United Kingdom.

The youngest presenters at the gathering in Ontario were Maggie (age 9), her sister Ella (6) and Maggie’s friends who co-presented with Maggie’s mom Erin.  They talked about Maggie’s Person-Centred Review, her one-page profile and the positive difference it has made with for her at school.

Click on the picture if you would like to see the notes from Maggie’s Person-Centred Review.  Click here if you would like to see Maggie’s one-page profile.

At the gathering in Ontario, HSA Canada launched a Canadian Learning Community for Person-Centred Practices Groupsite.  The purpose of this online forum is to create a space for us to share and learn together about person-centred practices in the Canadian context.  We are excited to see that one hundred people have joined the site.  If you are interested in joining our groupsite, simply follow the link to see the summary page: join here and then click the Join This Group Now tab on the right hand side.

We are also pleased to be seeing a growing interest in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and look forward to supporting the growing interest in person-centred practices across Canada in 2014.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year everyone!


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