If you work with people with dementia and want to know what personalisation can really mean in practice, or you want ways to keep improving the support you offer, then we can help you make positive change.

We use simple but powerful person-centred thinking tools so that people with dementia can have more choice and control and direct their own support. This is a move away from traditional dementia care, where decisions were often service-led rather than person-led.

Personalisation in dementia services means really paying attention to what matters to the person and what good support looks like from their perspective. It means finding ways to support people to make choices and have some control over their life and service.

You can learn more about the person-centred practice in this field through our online learning website,

How can we make our care home more person-centred?

Using one-page profiles to support people with dementia well.

How can I feel confident that we are delivering person-centred care?

Three ways to check that you are personalising dementia care.

How can I improve staff morale when I can’t pay people more?

Using one-page profiles with staff to improve morale and support.

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