End of life care

End of life care

If you work with people at the end of their life and you want to know what personalisation means in practice, then we can help you learn how person-centred practices can make a big difference.

Use the resources at the bottom of this page to learn more, or look at the challenges to the right and find ways of overcoming these.

You can learn more about the person-centred practice in this field through our online learning website, HSAOnlineLearning.org.

How can we provide even better person-centred care?

Using one-page profiles to further personalise end of life care.

How can we help people to think about and prepare for the end of their life?

Useful websites and resources to help people to think about end of life.

How can I check that we are really delivering personalisation as well as person-centred care?

Check your approach to personalisation with Progress for Providers.

How can we keep morale high and support our staff well?

Supporting staff well with a one-page profile.

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