Jack’s one-page profile is helping his transition to secondary school

12 June 2015

His Mum, Pippa, tells us how…

My son Jack is 10 years old and has Autism. He is about to make his transition from primary special education not secondary special education.

This will be his second profile. Jack has benefited greatly from having a one-page profile. It has allowed me to have peace of mind, knowing that Jack and I have collaborated to create a document which gives the professionals who work with him valuable information on how best to support Jack.
Jack himself has been able to think about what makes him anxious, how best to support him when he feels unsure and what strategies work best for him. He has also been able to say what is important to him and what makes him happy.
He has gained so much confidence during this process as he has also been able to talk about what he is good at as well as about the things he feels less confident in.
The process has also enabled him to see how much progress he has made, especially now when we started doing his second profile for his forthcoming move to secondary school.

Jack has discovered that he really enjoys talking about himself!


Jack 2

I feel the profiles are invaluable for giving parents peace of mind also, knowing that all the important things that are so particular to each individual child are encapsulated in one document for teachers to read.
I certainly feel less anxious about the coming changes that we face, as does Jack, knowing that all the important things about Jack will go with him for the teachers to read and are grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in this process.



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