One More Finish Line!

26 February 2015

One More Finish Line!


This weekend was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  What do finish lines mean when you are on a journey with cancer? I have almost “finished” 11 years as a survivor and I am grateful. During my 5K walk I had a chance to reflect on “finish” lines…

With cancer, finish lines are not the end of the race but the starting point for the next part of your journey – a beginning.  It seems every “finish” and celebration is quickly followed by the question of “now what?”

With each milestone you reach on the journey with cancer, you add to your collection of “finishes”.  It is nice to reflect on the finishes from time to time. Smile, celebrate, and love life.

There are many finish lines on a journey with cancer – finishing treatment, yearly milestones of surviving, forgetting to think about cancer for a day…

Some finish lines are elusive; striving to keep our bodies healthy to prevent a recurrence or to keep a recurrence at bay – you never reach the finish line; just keep moving towards it.

Some finish lines on the cancer journey are anticlimactic.  They are a letdown compared to what you were expecting.  Treatment is over…I expected “YIPPEE!!!!! Party down!” Reality was “yippee. I am so tired, bald, fat and did I mention tired?”

The finish line that I most crave is to live to see my son grow up.

It is different for all of us. What are your thoughts on “finish lines” and your journey with cancer?

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