Person-centred practice and performance review

26 February 2015

Person-centred practice and performance review

Our new school year is now well underway, and I am working on a very exciting project bringing One Page Profiles to life for all of our staff. Our teachers are very familiar with profiles for the children, and these are now a well established part of our school. I wanted to bring more relevance to staff one page profiles, and realised that this would fit very well with the new process of performance review that I am introducing to school this term.

Why a new approach to Performance Review?

  • Schools need to work as a team to get all their teachers to be the very best that they can possibly be.
  • One of the key features which distinguish being a professional from other forms of employment is that professionals take responsibility for their own on-going professional development.
  • Through a structured performance review process effective professional development and learning will emerge.


  • Self reflection is essential for professional development, and here at Norris Bank we want to create a culture whereby there is ‘mutual accountability’ – where all staff know for themselves where their strengths lie, and what areas need developing. Our staff will take responsibility for their own professional development with the support of their colleagues, through skilful dialogue, observations, monitoring and feedback.
  • It is not a system that is ‘top down’. The Leadership Team needs to facilitate opportunities for colleagues to work together to develop classroom practice. Time needs to be given on a regular basis so that teachers can

a) talk about their classroom practice

b) talk about the aspects of classroom practice they are confident in, and those areas which need development

c) observe each other

d) share work in books

e) discuss these observations

f) reflect.

  • Pairs of teachers will then meet with the Leadership team at the end of the academic year to talk about their journey of professional development throughout the year.


How will we do this?

We are so lucky to be working with HSA who will facilitate the initial conversations amongst staff relating to the Good Day/Bad Day exercise. From this, we will develop our detailed One Page Profiles, and have a very clear understanding of our staff, and how to support them to be the very best teachers that they can be. We are having this training in November; there is an extra INSET day for us as our school is used as a polling station for the election of the Police Comissioner.

We have then dedicated staff meeting time to build on the performance review process, more of which next month!

Also, six members of staff have bought train tickets down to London in October, to be guests at the House of Commons to celebrate the film made in May, representing the work we have done on One Page Profiles. This is a very special event to look forward to.

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