Care and Support planning

Getting Care and Support Planning right, taking into account both what is important to and important for the person to have a good life, is essential to give people more choice and control in their life and they way they are supported to live it.

What is Care and Support Planning?

A care and support plan is a summary of your assessed needs, your outcomes and how you want to use your personal budget to achieve these outcomes.

Person-centred thinking tools can support people to think about the following questions, the information from which is then gathered to co-produce their plan:

We structure our Care and Support Planning process using person-centred thinking tools, to help people to think about the following questions:

  • What is important to you?
  • What do you want to change?
  • How will you arrange your support?
  • How will you spend your money?
  • How will you manage your support?
  • How will you stay in control?
  • What will you do next?

A range of people should be involved in the Care and Support Planning process, but the person being supported should always be at the heart of the process.

This video explains good practice in Care and Support Planning, and how it is reflected in the UK’s statutory requirement, under the Care Act.

We have produced a poster showing what good care and support planning looks like (as explained in the video above) as well as a simple self-assessment tool to help you evaluate where you are at the moment.


How can Care and Support Planning help us support people better?

Person-centred Care and Support Planning helps us to support people better by:

  • Ensuring that we get to the heart of what really matters to people, and that we use this information creatively to inform the best possible solutions
  • Helping us to think through the different options available to them, so that we can be confident that we are using available resource in the best possible way
  • Giving the individual more of say, leading to increased choice and control over how they live their life – which is a fundamental principle of personalising services


How we can help you implement Personalised Care and Support Planning

Courses and programmes

You can learn about Care and Support Planning through many of our courses and training programmes, including:

Personalised Care and Support Planning
Person-centred risk
Person-centred Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans
Communication and decision making with people living with dementia

Online learning

Explore our Personalising Care and Support Planning e-learning package here.

Books and publications

Many of our books, including Personalisation in Practice, Person-Centred Thinking with Older People, A Practical Guide to Personalisation and Making Individual Service Funds work for people with dementia living in Care Homes introduce the concepts relevant to Care and Support Planning. You can explore the full range of books at the HSA Online Learning website.

Direct support

We can also offer bespoke organisational support or one-to-one support for people and organisations who want to learn more about personalising Care and Support Planning. Please contact us for more information.


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