One-page profile of a person with a long-term health condition – Earl

Image of One-page profile of a person with a long-term health condition – Earl

What others like and admire about me

  • Helpful
  • Polite
  • Cheeky
  • A good laugh
  • Inquisitive

What’s important to me

• Seeing my mum and dad at least once a week.
• I love motor racing, especially team MaClaren and watching the Grand Prix, it doesn’t matter if I’ve already seen it! My hero’s are Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton.
• Playing on my play station most days with the volunteers who come in to compete with me.
• Seeing my uncle every Sunday going out together, we love going the cinema or if the weather is good doing my uncles garden.
• To go out everyday, not to anywhere in particular as long as I am getting out and spending time with people. I’m always the first person to say yes to any suggested outings.
• Having friendships is important to me, in particular with my friend Dave Somers and Lois who supports me.
• Going to as many airshows, as I can get to. I love all airplanes and am fascinated by the RAF. I must wear my RAF hat and bomber jacket whenever I go out.
• Leeds united are my football team and I love to go to live matches and taking part in the lively banter. If I don't get to a match I watch the games on the TV with mates. I really enjoy getting involved in the whole atmosphere of the game.
• Watching films, especially ones about airplanes. Top Gun is my favorite.
• Having fish and chips every Friday from my local chippy or when I am having a day out.

How best to support me

• Know that I always get up early and enjoy being the first person up and about,
• I’m a morning person and my staff need to be cheerful and chatty with me.
• Knowing everything that is going on matters to me, I ask lots of questions about anything that interests me, if you don't have the answer immediately let me know when you will get back to me.
• I must have a newspaper delivered daily, but especially like to read the films section on a Friday. Know that I will want to be the first person to have a read of the paper.
• My room must be exactly how I want it. A place for everything and everthing in its place. When you support me with household tasks, know that I will do as much as possible for myself. I will ask you if I need more support.
• I use my foot supports everyday to prevent pressure areas before starting to use my wheelchair. Know that I will always put these on myself, check that they are adjusted correctly.

Earl's one-page profile has helped him gain confidence and achieve greater independence.

Forty-one year old Earl uses our services at The Manor in Brampton, Cambridgeshire. Earl has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Spina Bifida is a birth defect where the bones and nerves of the spine do not fully develop while the unborn child is in the womb. Hydrocephalus is also known as water on the brain.

Earl’s one-page profile was developed to share information about himself with anyone who comes into contact with him at The Manor. He has two profiles on the wall in his bedroom, in pride of place for all to see. One is his original colour profile and another is a copy that Earl has coloured in and drawn on himself. Both are on the wall alongside all his pictures and posters.

Earl really enjoyed developing his profile and had lots of ideas that he wanted to share. As he is such a big motor sport fan, he wanted a racing car on his profile alongside a picture of his favourite drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Earl’s profile was developed over a relaxing afternoon spent talking about the things that are important to him, his hopes for the future and how best to support him. Earl also asked other service members and friends what they liked best about him.

Within everyday life Earl’s profile has been used to inform new staff and volunteers how best to support him and to understand more about Earl as a person; his likes and dislikes. The profile acts as a voice for Earl, communicating how he likes to be best supported and for staff at The Manor to understand how to fully support Earl on a day-to-day basis. His more detailed person-centred plan is available for anyone to read who would like to know more information about Earl, or as a guide that can be referred to at any time.

Earl has become more confident as a person and more goal-orientated since creating his profile, and he clearly feels more connected to people in both a social and professional way as they can understand him better. Earl now has a girlfriend at The Manor.

Earl's one-page profile sets out the important information that people need to know to support him well, such as: he likes to dress himself, he likes to get up early, he likes to be around people and he likes to read the paper. It also states what is important to him so that support staff know the food, people and activities that are paramount in his life.

Earl likes to be as independent as possible and he is happy that his one-page profile has helped him to do this. His support team recently helped Earl to order new equipment such as a banana board, a sling and a handling belt. All these items are to help Earl to maintain his independence.

The outcome of a one-page profile for Earl has been better choice and control. He feels empowered by the information he shares and believes that the team around him now understand him better and can help him live more independently as a result.