4 plus 1 questions

The '4 plus 1 questions' person-centred thinking tool is powerful when used in meetings or reviews, or to look at a particular aspect of someone’s life.

It focuses discussion on four main questions: What have you tried? What have you learned? What are you pleased about? What are you concerned about? The answers to these questions lead to the ‘plus 1′ question – based on what we know, what should we do next?


What it does

It can help people to think about a particular challenge or situation and plan for change. Because the 4 plus 1 questions are answered by more than one person, it groups together learning from different perspectives.

How it helps?

It can be used to update a one-page profile, or to review a project or plan. It is a quick way to work out better ways of supporting people or working together.

Use it now:

You can download a PDF of the ‘4 plus 1 questions’ tool here to see how it looks, or start using one today with this free template.

Learn more:

You can learn more about the person-centred thinking tools through our online learning website, HSAOnlineLearning.org.

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