Matching support

Getting a good match between the person supporting and the person being supported - whether paid or unpaid - is crucial. The matching support tool is a simple way to record what is needed to create the best match.

What it does

It gives a structure to look at which skills and support and which people and characteristics match well together. The matching support tool has four columns. The first is the support that the person wants and needs. The next is the skills required to support them, followed by personality characteristics and finally shared common interests. The most important part of this is personality characteristics.


How it helps

It helps you to think about the paid support that people want and need, to use either in matching to existing staff or for the person specification for recruiting staff or volunteers.

Use it now

You can download a PDF of a Matching Support tool here to see how it looks, or start using one today with this free template.

Learn more:

You can learn more about the person-centred thinking tools through our online learning website,

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