What’s working/not working

To develop outcomes and actions, we must first work out what it is about someone’s current situation that they are happy with, and what they would change if they could - looking at things both from their perspective and from others' perspectives.

This person-centred thinking tool works through this and starts to develop outcomes and actions to make sure the change happens.

What it does

It sorts what is working and what is not working from different perspectives to identify a way forward.

How it helps

As a really simple way of analysing what is happening in someone’s life from more than one perspective, it can help to identify whether what is important to them is present in their life, and whether they are being supported in a way that makes sense to them.

Problems surface where there are areas of disagreement in people’s lives. By looking at what is working and not working from different perspectives, it is clear where there is agreement and where there is difference.

Finding what is working and not working from different perspectives is a key part of a person-centred review.

Use it now:

You can download a PDF of a ‘What’s Working/Not Working’ tool here to see how it looks, or start using one today with this free template.


Learn more:

You can learn more about the person-centred thinking tools through our online learning website, HSAOnlineLearning.org.

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