Planning Live

Planning Live is a way of creating Care and Support Plans that fosters transparency, openness and dialogue between all stakeholders. It leads to solutions that are personalised, co-produced and practical.

What is Planning Live?

Planning Live brings everyone who lives and shares support together into one place over two days alongside those involved in providing that support. This helps to give people the best possible chance of creating a plan that is both ambitious and practical, and is based around what is truly important to the person. It’s transparent, exciting, and – of course – live!

It is facilitated in a way that puts the people we support and their families first, and stimulates creative and helpful ideas.


How can planning live help us to support people better?

Planning Live helps us to support people better by:

  • Making sure that we’re truly taking into account the experiences of the person, their family and those supporting them when planning actions for the future
  • Bringing together those involved in delivering support with those who are being supported, and fostering dialogue, openness and transparency to build better relationships and trust
  • Creating an environment where people are made to feel comfortable in expressing themselves honestly
  • Developing actions that are based on experiences and learning, leading to an environment where we’re constantly improving our support

You can learn more about Planning Live by watching this video:


How we can help you to implement Planning Live

Courses and programmes

You can learn about Planning Live through our dedicated course, which will teach you how to facilitate this exciting and rewarding process.

Direct Support

We can also offer bespoke organisational support or one-to-one support for people and organisations who want to implement Planning Live. Please contact us for more information.


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