Working Together For Change

When developing organisational change, it’s important to know that you’re working towards what really matters to the people you support and your wider stakeholders.

Working Together For Change is a way of ensuring that you’re making informed decisions about your future direction, based on data and information collected through person-centred practices. In this way, everyone gets to have their say in the organisation you aim to become.

What is the Working Together For Change process?

Working Together For Change uses an 8-step process to make sure that you are taking into account the needs, wishes and aspirations of the people you support and your other stakeholders. 

The process collates person-centred information gathered from Person-Centred Reviews and person-centred care and support plans and helps the organise see the emerging trends in the data. This will show both what is working well, and what people would like to see change.

Following this, the process supports participants to create a plan to take them forward, which can then be implemented over time and regularly reviewed.

This video explains the Working Together For Change process.


How can Working Together For Change helps us to support people better?

Working Together For Change helps us to support people better by:

  • Informing organisational strategic change, based on what we know really matters to people, so we can ultimately provide better, more personalised services
  • Helping staff have a voice in organisational strategy
  • Ensuring that services designed on a foundation of co-production


How we can help you to implement Working Together For Change

We work with organisations to implement the Working Together For Change process, guiding you every step of the way and helping you to devise a new, person-centred strategy. For more information, visit the Organisational Change Support page.


Learn more

Download the report we produced with the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE), ‘Working together for change: using person-centred information for commissioning’.

You can read more about Working Together For Change in this document about citizen-led change in public services, which we helped to produce with Groundswell Partnership.

If you’d like to know more about Working Together For Change and how to implement it, just get in touch.



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