Positive and Productive Meetings: interactive online course

03 March 2017

Meetings are a crucial element of working with teams, but they can often be underproductive and not lead to the change we were hoping for. We developed the Positive and Productive Meetings method to enable leaders to get the most out of their teams by taking a person-centred approach to the way they work with others, through a solid, professional process that leads to results and actions. Our new course can help you to implement this with your teams for just £95.

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Do you want to get the most out of the little time you have together with your team?

Do you want to ensure that each meeting has a clear purpose and intended outcomes?

And would you like to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, to create more engaged and effective teams?

If so, our new online course, combining interactive webinars and e-learning, could be right for you.


The package includes:

  • 3 interactive webinars, led by Michelle, our Teams & Leaders lead associate
  • Access to the award-winning Positive and Productive Meetings e-learning module
  • A hard copy resource to refer back to as and when you need it


You will:

  • Learn about the Positive and Productive Meetings process
  • Explore practical techniques for setting a purpose and outcomes, and making sure everyone’s voice is heard
  • Gain access to tools and templates you can use to guide the meeting and record actions


Costs, dates and booking

This online course, including all the resources mentioned above, costs £95.00 (+VAT).

The webinars will be taking place in June, and we will set dates with participants who sign up for the course by May, so that they are the most convenient for the group.


How to book:

To book, visit HSA Online Learning. If you would prefer to be invoiced, just e-mail info@helensandersonassociates.co.uk.


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