Switched On Support

Switched On Support is a suite of programmes run by Helen Sanderson Associates in collaboration with Tunstall Healthcare, designed to help providers to make the most out of the opportunities telecare solutions provide whilst putting the latest in person-centred practice at the core of the process. In this way, we can be sure that we’re using technology in the way that’s completely tailored to an individual’s needs, to help them to make the difference that they’d like to see in their lives.

Delivering best practice care and support within tight resources

As the impact of the economic downturn and the dwindling public finances from the credit crunch continue to affect public services in the UK, there is a growing likelihood that all of us will experience a reduction of funding over the coming years and possibly longer. By being proactive and taking this opportunity to make a concerted push around developing alternatives to paid support, we can promote better choice and control for people.

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One alternative that can help people to stretch resources further is through appropriate use of connected care (or ‘telecare’) solutions, that use the latest technology to provide great support for people, around the clock.


A programme to suit your needs

These in-depth programmes are for providers who are trying to deliver high quality, personalised services within the current financial context and brings together outcome focused support planning and connected care expertise to deliver better outcomes for people using services. We offer three levels of learning, tailored to different organisational needs – Explorer, Practitioner and Pioneer. The following pages explain each one in detail.

For organisations who already work with person-centred approaches and want to introduce connected care. more >

For organisations who want to build on their knowledge of person-centred approaches and learn about connected care. more >

For organisations who are new to person-centred approaches and want to learn about these as well as the opportunities connected care provides. more >



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