Adam Mileusnic


What others like and admire about me

  • Problem-solver; Good at using my own initiative
  • Think strategically and plan accordingly to get things done
  • Open and honest; Adventurous and always doing something new; A great travel companion
  • I get things done; I think positively and have a can-do attitude; A good friend

What’s important to me

• Running 5km in the morning three or four times a week. When I’m at home in Cuenca, Ecuador, I run by the river and it really helps to prepare me for the day
• Using FaceTime to talk to my mum and dad every week to catch up with them is really important to me. I also keep in touch with my closest friends via Messenger nearly every day
• Exploring new places - travel is my biggest passion. I like to do one ‘big trip’ every year and two or three other weekend breaks away
• Going to yoga class two to three times a week in the evenings. I started recently but I love it!
• Spending one day off a week with my partner Xavi and our dogs in or around Cuenca, where we live, generally going for a good walk and having lunch together
• Getting a chance to speak English in person once a week with my English-speaking friends here
• Being able to work on projects that have a positive social impact
• Being able to be proud of the work I’m doing
• I can barely function without a cup of coffee in the morning!
• Having some alone time in the mornings. I like to have a quiet breakfast and catch up with emails at my own pace
• Getting a chance to catch up with my best friends from uni by visiting them in London. It’s more difficult now I’m abroad, but I’m aiming for 2 or 3 times a year
• Being able to support Xavi by dedicating a few hours each week to promoting his bar

How best to support me

• I like to communicate via email, because it helps for me to have a note of conversations I’ve had with colleagues. That way I keep everything stored and can refer back to what was said
• I’m happy to work using my own initiative, but I appreciate being given goals. SMART objectives work well for me, because I know what I need to achieve and can check on progress
• I’m based 5 or 6 hours behind the UK depending on the time of year, so online meetings in the afternoons (UK time) are best
• As well as emails, I like to catch up with ongoing clients over video conference once every few weeks too. It’s a more natural way to chat generally about my performance and I can get a better sense of how things are going
• If some work I’ve done for you has had a positive reception, please let me know! Working remotely you don’t always know how things have been received, and it is really motivating to know that what I’m producing is making a difference

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