Ben Rosamond


What others like and admire about me

  • Creative, empathetic, silly, caring, understanding, lover of life, adventurous
  • An excellent listener, negotiator, thoughtful, self-motivated, patient and can persevere
  • A good sense of humour, trustworthy, supportive and caring, ability to communicate effectively, genuine interest and concern
  • Bring out the best in people, ability to encourage self-belief and confidence

What’s important to me

• My family are very important! It is important that I get the opportunity to see them at least once a month.
• My wife Sam is very important to me she is the first person I turn to whenever I need support.
• It is important that I see my two nephews Joe and Sam, they make me laugh every time I see them!
• The work I do with people is important, it gives my life purpose and enrichment that I would struggle to find in any other line of work.
• Being active is really important, I like the social aspect but it also makes me feel good about myself, I like to get involved with lots of different activities and sports and have adventures.
• I have some great friends, it is important that I can catch up with them when I want to.
• Being able to play football at least once a week is particularly important to me, if I have a good game it can put me in a good mood for days!
• Coffee is important, I like it very strong, it helps me to wine and dark chocolate come a close second!
• Camping holidays are important to me, I like preparing the right equipment for the trip and cooking outdoors, even one short camping trip a year keeps me right!

How best to support me

• If you can, give me a task in advance and give me time to think and prepare, I will get back to you with something that has been well thought through.
• I am not a great morning person and find it easier to concentrate at night, if possible let me work flexibly and I will give you better results!
• I like to be creative and try new things, support me by listening to my ideas and by offering me encouragement to do things differently.
• I am quite laid back but don't mistake this for a lack of interest! I am an extremely motivated and passionate person, I find a laid back approach helps me to build relationships and put others at ease.
• If you are not happy with something, speak to me about it and don't let it fester and become worse.
• I love using technology that works, but I can sometimes get carried away, if I do, remind me that technology does not always have an answer for everything!
• I find it difficult to say no if I think I can help, let me know if you think I am struggling and taking on too much.
• If I am giving a presentation and you like what you hear, smile, it makes such a difference to see people enjoying themselves, it helps me feel confident about what I am saying and deliver a better presentation!

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