Emily McArdle


What others like and admire about me

  • Loving, loyal, and a good friend
  • Positive -sees the good in others
  • Funny
  • Quick thinking
  • A 'can-do' person

'If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely' - Roald Dahl

What’s important to me

• My family – Joe, Mel and Lucy. To spend time together as a family, every weekend and at least a couple of times a week walking the whippets, maybe a meal out or just having a dance in the kitchen
• My Mum and Dad. I like to speak to them every week and visit them in Brecon every couple of months
• My friends - meeting with my reading group every 6 weeks and getting together with my ‘Port Sunlight People’ every other week.
• To see my good friend Gill at least once a fortnight for a cuppa and a heart to heart
• To make a difference to the children I work with. To know that their families trust me and that we are working in partnership to help their children communicate better.
• To work as part of a supportive, creative, motivated, enthusiastic team who embrace change and value each other.
• To be able to show people on the team that I care about and value them by doing things that I hope will make them happy such as my joke of the week.
• To work with people who share the same values, trust each other and have a real commitment to doing the right thing. I find it upsetting if people do things without integrity or are disloyal.
• To play my part in the local community – I am a school governor at 2 schools and I’m a volunteer tour guide in Port Sunlight.
• It is really important to me to see the fun in things and to laugh everyday.

How best to support me

• I love to be creative and innovative, I’m a big picture sort of person so it really helps if someone lets me know if there’s detail I need to pay attention to.
• If I have something on my mind that is worrying me I can become quite pre-occupied. It helps to have someone I trust to ask me what’s up and to listen to me, knowing it will go no further unless we agree it.
• I like to feel in control and if I’m having a difficult day being clear about what I can influence and having a plan of action to resolve problems really helps. Remind me to be solution focused.
• Keep me in the loop. I prefer email or messaging to the phone.
• Tell me how you like to communicate so I know the best ways we can work well together.
• Clear what is expected of me I will clarify or summarise plans once we’ve made them.
• Know that I worry about letting people down. Let me know quickly if I’m not meeting expectations. The best way to do this to email me so I can process the information before we talk and start to think about solutions.

Next team member

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Michelle Livesley