Georgie Ralphs


What others like and admire about me

  • The love I have for my family and friends
  • Caring and friendly
  • A safe and affirming person to be around
  • Great tenacity
  • I have my own sense of style and I stick to it!

What’s important to me

• My family – Mum, Dad and Paul; Papa and Grandma.
• My friends, especially, Mellissa, Cheryl, George, Nerissa and Louise.
• My phone and my laptop – both must be fully charged at all times so I can talk to my friends.
• To feel that I am achieving what is expected of me and to be told when I am doing well.
• Northampton Saints – I am a season ticket holder and love to go to games with Uncle Paul, Dad and Papa (Grandpa).
• Having my own space and time at home – this could be the study, my bedroom or the kitchen.
• Being on time. I am never late for work or appointments. It is so important that I like to arrive early.
• Knowing what is going to happen, clearly and in advance. Not being prepared for changes to the expected routine causes me great anxiety.
• I am very focused on finishing tasks at all costs.
• To make sense of the rules – if these are not applied consistently, I find it very hard to understand and accept.

How best to support me

• I am really sensitive to noise – I know how to cope with this, but I do understand that I can find noisy situations difficult. You would need to warn me about this before it happens.
• I need to be with people I know and people I can trust e.g. my family and my friends when I am in new situations – I find it hard to cope with this, but being supported by people who understand me helps me.
• I am a young adult now and I really want to make my own decisions – it helps me to talk things through with someone I know. If it is about buying something BIG, I will do my own research first and then I will think about it a lot. But, I would still like to hear other people’s views and opinions.
• When I have got something on my mind, I need to talk out loud to myself and I will talk really quickly. Listen to me and if I am talking to you directly, give me about five minutes to listen to what I am saying.
• If I go to my room to spend time alone, it is because I need to make sense of the things that have happened that day. It is best for you to leave me alone for about a few minutes. Come and ask me about it and I will talk to you about it.
• If I am unwell or upset, I might not be able to explain why. Remind me that it is okay to feel like this and give me some time to think about why I am feeling this way.

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