Gill Goodwin


What others like and admire about me

  • Warm and approachable
  • Kind and gentle
  • Caring and giving
  • Always has a creative idea

'Be the change that you wish to see in the world' - Ghandi

What’s important to me

• To have family time with Colin and the boys, Will and Simon; film and tapas at home on a Saturday evening is our current favourite and walking our new puppy Bella at the beach when we can.
• To speak to my Mum and Dad every other day and see them and my brother Chris at least every other week.
• To be involved in the boys’ schools and contribute to the Parent’s Association.
• To always have a book on the go and be part of my reading group. We meet every six weeks and take turns to host.
• To spend time with friends, especially Emily, Karen and Carrie. To have family evenings together with the children and walks with the dogs sometimes at weekends.
• To work in a job where I feel I am making a difference, by supporting and working with teams and organisations and also by planning with individuals.
• To work with supportive people in my different roles and know that there is someone I trust to talk to, share ideas and worries with.
• To learn about my work and share that learning with others.
• To know that whoever I am working alongside feels able to talk to me and knows that I am there for them.
• To always say thank you to people and to let them know their friendship or support is valued by doing this and buying little gifts or bringing in biscuits or cakes
• To check my home email account at least every other day.
• To have a reliable car and sat nav.
• To be on time for everything.

How best to support me

• Be aware that I find it hard to say no. If I do, it means that I really have to. Support me by reminding me not to over commit my time and by not trying to persuade me to do something – I will end up saying yes when I need to say no!!
• I work to deadlines and need clear ones – please support me by giving me these and be clear with me if they can’t be moved.
• Know that I can be a worrier, especially if I feel tired or overloaded. Talk this through with me and recognise the signs – I ask for reassurance more often.
• Remember I will need a postcode when you tell me where I have to be, especially if it is a place that I can’t just Google. Being in danger of being lost and knowing I may be late makes me really anxious.
• Remember that I can’t always look at my emails every day. If you need a quick response a text works best.
• Never worry about asking me for help, or support, I love to do it.

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