Jan Perkins

Lead of HSA New Zealand

What others like and admire about me

  • Positive
  • Clear vision
  • Systematic
  • Creative
  • Mentor people to find their own solutions

What’s important to me

• Having a long term plan to work towards
• Planning and preparing ahead for each day
• Keeping in touch with the team
• Yoga to start each morning
• Being on time and meeting deadlines
• Listening to music when I’m driving
• Healthy food
• some outdoor time everyday
• Opportunities for creativity including painting
• Balance between work and play
• Time with family
• Keeping in touch with friends and neighbours
• Gardening at weekends
• Sharing success stories
• Quiet time to read and think each day
• Regular holiday breaks spread throughout the year

How best to support me

• Keep in touch and let me know what’s happening
• Be on time for meetings and deadlines
• Tell me when things go wrong
• Brainstorm solutions with me
• Be realistic about timeframes
• Answer my emails and texts as soon as you can

Next team member

Image of Carol Sebborn

Carol Sebborn

HSA New Zealand Associate