Jon Ralphs


What others like and admire about me

  • Enthusiastic
  • Passionate
  • Motivated and a motivator
  • Creative
  • Inspirational
  • Laid back and relaxed

'Create with the heart; build with the mind.' - Criss Jami

What’s important to me

• To be with and support my family, Jane, Paul and Georgie. To make time to be together every weekend.
• I enjoy good quality ‘real’ coffee; three espresso shots in the morning makes a great start to the day for me. Quality is also important when I think of red wine and chocolate.
• To watch Northampton Saints at Franklins Gardens with Georgie, Papa and Uncle Paul, while drinking a pint or two of Guinness - we all have season tickets.
• To have variety and creativity in my life and in my work. I love to draw and paint, but also ‘draw and paint’ on my iPad.
• That what I believe in and how this is expressed in my life makes a difference to people around me and people I support.
• To have access to my iProducts at all times that allow me to make best use of my time.
• To listen to music while I’m at home, travelling or working.
• To be with people and have a sense of belonging, family, teams or community groups. I relish team meetings, working together on new thinking or projects.
• The information that I use needs to ‘look good’ and to have the equipment to produce good information, from my Dad’s calligraphy pen to photoshop and my bamboo tablet on my computer.

How best to support me

• I am a visual learner so if you want me to pick something up, it helps to have things for me to look at.
• I work well within mixed teams especially with people who use the left sides of their brain, they give me structure to be creative.
• To have a conversation with no ‘strings attached’ or agenda, deepens my relationship and support from that person.
• Allow me to play, draw and move around if we are focusing on a subject for a long time. It helps me engage with the subject.
• I think quickly and can work through concepts and abstract ideas really quickly.
• Help me slow down to engage with you.
• I’m at my best with healthy pressure without the overload. Don’t make the assumption that this is about quantity.
• I can get distracted by ‘new and exciting things’. Remind me by speaking to me if I have not completed something on time.

Next team member

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Michelle Livesley