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HSA USA Associate - North Carolina

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What others like and admire about me

  • I like it simple, so keep it simple for learners and coaches.
  • I love to share stories. I put myself out there and I'm not talking about stuff I haven't lived through myself.
  • People I am training or coaching have my undivided attention.
  • I'm a great trainer, presenter and facilitator and I keep it real.

Lisa has worked in the human services field for more than 35 years. She has worked closely with state disability programs, county disability agencies, Support Coordinators, service providers, families, people supported by the disability system and educators.

What’s important to me

Getting an early start so that I'm set up and ready to begin the day when learners start to arrive.

To create a learning environment where people are comfortable and don't feel judged - a learning environment that promotes honesty, safety and trust.

Having a path or space to move around - I'm not a podium presenter. I like to get close to my audience.

Staying in the moment.

Once the training day begins, my focus is on the learners, trainer candidates and other participants.

Being organized, structured and respectful of other peoples' time is important to me. The training day should always begin and end on time!

Alone time at the end of the training day to debrief, reflect and replay the day.

Brainstorming and having discussions with other mentors and colleagues.

Laughter and humor.

How best to support me

Be honest, direct and respectful regarding any areas of needed improvement. I am very open to constructive feedback that includes suggestions and offers of solutions.

Sometimes I need pregnant pauses to think and process what I've just heard or learned. Silence does not always mean that I am not aware or that I am uncertain.

I learn best by application, but I also need to hear it, see it and write it down.

I'm a huge note taker. Keeping notes helps crystallize my learning.

Share your stories with me it helps give me a point of reference.

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