Lori Jasper

HSA USA Associate - Minnesota

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What others like and admire about me

  • Genuine, positive, flexible
  • Good listener
  • Sharing real life stories
  • Balance big picture thinking with logical, analytical thought
  • Seek answers and opportunities to offer solutions that work for all

What’s important to me

Balance between family life and the inspirational work I am humbled to be a part of.

Taking the time and space to recharge through walks, biking, yoga, or jamming to some good tunes.

Seeing the positive benefits that people achieve in their lives as a result of our time together.

Collaborating with others in a way that leads to change sin thinking, actions, systems, and support.

That our time together produces positive energy, excitement, and forward momentum!

Keeping connected to people once our work together is "complete" and working together again in the future.

Time to think about what I am learning and how it can be applied. Then applying it and trying to keep getting better at it.

How best to support me

Encourage creativity while clearly identifying parameters of a project when they exist as soon as they are known.

Let's explore and define the purpose of our work together, how it interconnects with the people and organiztion and how to make it sustainable.

Please give me direct feedback so we can address early if things are not going as expected and let me know what is working well too!

Let's explore why things are done the way they are and discover approaches that work better for people.

Let's try things in a thoughtful way.

Practice and play with the technology before we go live.

Feel free to share with me suggested reading, podcasts, Ted Talks, or videos.

Please don't be surprised if I am initially quiet and then share my perspective later, as there are times when I need to think about what we have discussed or seen.

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