Tom Waters

What others like and admire about me

  • Honest; caring; strong moral values
  • Principled; polite; loving and concerned about my family
  • Very able at maths and some types of IT
  • Good at expressing ideas in writing

What’s important to me

• To have regular time every day with Mum and my sister Lara, and regular 1:1 time with Dad every week
• Being able to contribute and help others
• To get out for walks in places where I can see birds and butterflies.
• To make and play games on the computer and other consoles with other people
• To discuss interests and ideas with like minded people online, and to be able to stay up late to do this
• To be supported by calm, empathetic people who know me, like me, and who understand my needs very well.
• For people to be clear about what is happening and to make me aware about changes to plans in good time
• For my room and living space to be insect free
• Not to be left in the house alone with anyone other than my family
• Wherever possible I prefer to communicate remotely and via the written word. I only feel comfortable talking face to face with very familiar people.
• It’s important to me to eat alone
• I don’t like arguing, people not saying what they mean, or people being unfair.

How best to support me

• Be clear with instructions. If giving more than one instruction, write them in a list that I can refer back to, or encourage me to do so. Don’t be vague or leave me to infer your wishes/intentions.
• Written communication is much easier for me than verbal, particularly with new or less familiar people
• Let me know if I have done something right or wrong so I know for next time and I don’t worry about it.
• I get very fatigued easily and often. Allow for my need for plenty of recharge time.
• I need help outdoors, crossing roads etc
• It is important that I eat regularly and have my daily Ensure drink.
• Support me to go on short walks, support me to cross roads, anticipate and avoid hazards. Support and reassure me if I sees dogs or insects
• I am frightened of insects and need them removing from my room, windows and doors kept shut in the summer etc.
• Provide carefully managed opportunities to meet people who might share my interests and values

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