Person-centred practices within organisations

We help you create positive change by supporting you to introduce person-centred practices in your organisation.

This includes:

Person-centred teams

Where all people have a structured sense of purpose and roles are decided based on strengths and interests. A person-centred team knows what is important to and for its members, and this is recorded in a team plan. The team regularly reflects and shares what they are learning. Here’s how we can help.

Team one-page profiles

Just like a standard one-page profile, there are three headings: what people like and admire about you, what is important to you and how best to support you. A team one-page profile brings the team together as a collective; it means that team members get to discuss these points and then decide on what to include, on the basis that it represents them as a whole. It can be used to introduce the team to others within an organisation, a family or someone the team is supporting. Here’s how we can help.

Positive and productive meetings

A simple and powerful process that any team can use to reclaim their meetings. This way of working fosters collaboration and promotes creativity. You’ll leave a meeting feeling better than you did before, invigorated and ready to make things happen. We know it works because we use it. Here’s how we can help.

Person-centred supervision and appraisal

Includes practical strategies and tools that promote listening and creative thinking and build on people’s strengths. People feel understood, supported and motivated with a clear direction for action. Here’s how we can help.

Person-centred approach to risk

Traditional methods of risk assessment are full of charts and scoring systems, but the person, their objectives, their dreams and their life seem to get lost somewhere in the pages of tick boxes and statistics. A person-centred approach focuses on people’s rights to have the lifestyle that they choose, including the right to make ‘bad’ decisions. Here’s how we can help.

One-page strategy

The power lies in the production, where you work through your plan with set criteria and then illustrate it on a single page. There are three headings: what success looks like (this can be from multiple perspectives if partnership working), how we are delivering this and how we are measuring this. Here’s how we can help.

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