Working With Teams

Working With Teams

If you are responsible for a team of people and want fresh ideas about improving communication, relationships, cohesiveness and personalising your services, we can help you make positive change.

We work with teams in all types of organisations. From health and social care, to educational establishments, government departments and private business. Transforming teams is a way to create organisational change.

You can learn more about the person-centred practices for organisations through our online learning website,

How can I help colleagues with stress?

Using person-centred practices to combat stress in the work place.

How can I make sure everyone is clear about what we want to achieve?

How can I make sure everyone is clear about what we want to achieve?

How can I get my team working well together?

Creating positive and productive team meetings with person-centred thinking tools.

How can I check how well I am doing as a manager?

Using person-centred thinking tools with teams

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