As transition approaches, where do one page profiles fit in?

26 February 2015

As transition approaches…where do one page profiles fit in?

As the summer term progresses, transition to the new school year in September starts to loom large.  It is both exciting and nerve racking for many of our children, especially for those moving on to secondary school.  Our Year 6 children are confident that we know them very well but have expressed concerns that the secondary teachers just ‘won’t get them’.  It is vital that we try to help secondary ‘get them’ to support our children to have a positive transition.  And what a wonderful tool one page profiles are for this.

Traditionally forms are filled out by primary and given to secondary with bland, impersonal information regarding the needs of the children.  But, at OPA, this is no more! Our Year 6 children have spent two days preparing their own one page profiles for their secondary schools.  What fascinating incites they have about themselves and others!

To create their one page profiles they took part in a range of activities, discussing their preferred learning styles and their likes/dislikes. They ‘mingled to music’ as they used a post-it activity to record what they like and admire about each other and discussed ‘what’s important to me’ and ‘how best to support me’.  What a lot of interesting discussion this generated amongst them! These activities produced accurate, detailed and colourful information for their one page profiles that will be invaluable to enable secondary school staff to know the children well, to understand them and put strategies into place to support their successful transition ‘from the word go’.  The secondary school have received these one page profiles prior to the transition days and are equally as enthusiastic about them as we are.  They said that they give an ‘in-depth insight into individual children’ and will help all their secondary teachers to well and truly ‘get them’!  This will definitely support a successful transition for our children as they move on to the next stage in their lives.

Next time…what about one page profiles for our new Foundation children?

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